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In a small park, just outside of London, an 8 year old boy sat alone in a sandbox.  This boy's name was John.
He never had many people to play with, just his sister and she was sick today.  All the other kids were playing with each other, running around the playground, and quite blatantly avoiding the sandbox.  But it was okay.  John was used to it.
John was always the weirdo.  Nobody wanted to play with him, because he never wanted to play with them.  John was a very shy child, and to be frank, it had never bothered him until this day.
After about 10 minutes, another child decided to venture to the sandbox.  He looked around John's age, maybe a little older, because he was quite tall.  His brown hair fell in ringlets off of his head, and dark eyes were analyzing the scene of the small sandy-haired boy sitting alone in the sand pit.
He smiled and in a high-pitched voice he said," Hi there!  I'm Sherlock Holmes."  He plopped himself down next to John and looked at him expectantly.
"J-John." He said quietly. "John Watson"
"It's nice to meet you John Watson" Sherlock said with a grin.  Noticing that John had not averted his gaze from the small pile of sand he was pushing together, Sherlock adjusted his position to one where it was hard to ignore him.
John finally lifted his eyes to meet Sherlock's. "Hello" he said hesitantly, still wondering why the taller boy hadn't made an attempt to beat him up yet.
"That's better isn't it?" said Sherlock. "Why are you here all alone?"
John looked at Sherlock with sad eyes. "Because nobody likes me.  Nobody wants to be my friend"
Sherlock's mind whizzed as a million things to say ripped through his mind. "I'd like to be your friend" he said and smiled at John.
"W-what?  Why?" replied John, confused at why someone would want to be his friend.
"Because I like you.  You're like me" said Sherlock.  "See him over there?" asked Sherlock as he pointed to a boy on the other end of the park, plowing through what looked like his 5th cupcake.
"That's my brother Mycroft.  He's my only friend.  I'd like you to be the other one" Sherlock said confidently.
John looked at Sherlock hesitantly. "Really?"
Sherlock grabbed John's hand and said, "Of course really!  Now come on, I wanna go on the slide!"
John let himself be pulled to the slide, where he spent the rest of the afternoon with his new best friend, Sherlock Holmes.
Mini Sherlock meets Mini John in a sandbox and they become friends!
fantasykidrooz Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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